The Financial Wellness Gap with Mark Mersman

In this episode of UnNiched, I explore the bold statement that our industry, the financial services industry, has failed women investors. Instead of viewing us a resource of investing knowledge and confidence, many shy away because they don’t feel confident in their knowledge. Discussing this with me is Mark Mersman, Chief Marketing Officer at USA Financial and head of the Financial Wellness Initiative. Mark offers insight in to how women have a gap in financial education and how our industry can help combat that gap. We have a responsibility to create new and more effective ways to reach our female clientele.

Episode highlights:

  • Only 52% of women feel confident about managing investments
  • How can we think differently about the way we’re talking to women investors and how we’re inviting them into the conversation?
  • Consider different ways to communication to your female clients
  • Women are diverse and want to consume information differently
  • There is a feeling that we have to be experts in finance in order to talk to a financial advisor. How do we change that perception?

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