Ep. 05 – Maddie Parker: Solving for X – It’s About the Relationship, Not the Numbers

In this episode of UnNiched, Andrea McGrew interviews financial adviser, Maddie Parker. Maddie talks about her transition from high school math teacher to financial adviser, transforming a long-standing practice into a modern business, and dealing with harassment and discrimination both as a teacher and a financial adviser. She shares her thoughts on cultivating relationships and resources to create a meaningful connection with clients.


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Maddie Parker grew up the daughter of a financial adviser. When she graduated college with a degree in math, she decided she wanted to make a difference by teaching.  Little did she know that the relationship skills she learned as a high school math teacher would transcend algebra or geometry and would serve as the building blocks for what was to come.

During the summers, Maddie worked for her dad as part of his financial planning practice.  One day, she realized that she wanted to take a shot at being a financial adviser herself.  Her analytical math brain recognized that clients were coming to them with problems and she could work out solutions for them.  Maddie finds joy in making sense of the senseless and every day as a financial adviser came with the possibility of helping clients solve for X.  Whether X was their retirement, buying a second home, traveling the world, caring for a loved one, or leaving a legacy for their children, Maddie wanted to be a part of the equation.

Jumping out of your comfort zone can be scary.  But true growth never comes from being comfortable. “I knew they would never not need math teachers,” Maddie recalls. So, knowing she had a back-up plan, she jumped straight out of her comfort zone and into her dad’s financial practice.  She quickly recognized that being skilled at math did not necessarily translate to a seamless transition to a career in finance.  But being smart and a life-long learner, Maddie surrounded herself with tools and resources to help her reach her goals.  She studied and earned her CFP.  And in transforming herself, realized that she could transform her dad’s financial practice as well.

Maddie is now an integral part of Parker Financial Group and according to her dad, he’s learning just as much from her as she is from him.

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