Ep. 06 – Lara Kapalla-Bondi: Advocate by Day and by Night – Raising a Special Needs Child

In this episode of UnNiched, Andrea McGrew interviews Lara Kapalla-Bondi, attorney and the mom of a special needs child.  Andrea and Lara spend their time together discussing what it’s like for Lara as she navigates all of the special financial planning needs that are an everyday consideration for special needs families. Lara also sheds light on how listeners can learn to be an advocate for those who can't advocate for themselves.


Show Notes & References


Lara Kapalla-Bondi is an attorney who specializes in commercial contract disputes.  She has litigated and negotiated resolutions in a wide range of matters and her clients span a wide range of industries, including insurance, software, real estate development, automotive, education, and municipalities. Lara routinely recommends changed practices for clients, and drafts contract provisions, ordinances, and other documents to help clients meet their business objectives and avoid future litigation.

Additionally, Lara is the mom to a special needs son, Cole.  Lara spends her days advocating for clients, but also for Cole.