Ep. 10 – Attorney, Compliance Officer, Sharp Shooter?

On this episode of UnNiched, Flo Affatato Flo shares not only her experience and perspective but her thoughts on how to maintain gender identity when surrounded by the opposite sex. Flo knows a thing or two about succeeding in male dominated professions. Flo serves and CCO and CLO for Planning Alternatives, but before her success in the securities industry, she worked for the FBI. Flo became a member of the FBI’s Possible Club, an elite group of the Bureau’s best sharp shooters.




Show Notes & References


Florence joined the Planning Alternatives team in December of 2018. She has worked in the finance industry for over 9 years. In her current role as Chief Legal Officer / Chief Compliance Officer, Florence develops, monitors and updates the Planning Alternatives legal and compliance programs, while additionally providing training and directing the activities of the Compliance Department.

Florence holds a Masters degree in Social Work, a Juris Doctor from Michigan State University and a Master of Laws in Taxation from Wayne State University.